Can I travel to Greece? When? How?

Can I travel to Greece? When? How?

2020 has really been a challenging year throughout the world. Plans were changed, the so wanted vacations have been postponed and time spent at home seemed endless. 2021 though, seems much more optimistic. This does not mean that the virus will somehow disappear, but at least it will diminish gradually, and eventually we will be able to start traveling, without having to self-isolate.

Previous summer period, Greece was open for tourists, and the comments regarding measures taken to avoid the spread of corona virus were really positive. Greek Government aims on the same for this summer.

With a wide range of choices on islands, tours and activities, one could choose what fits their interests best and with the help of their travel agent to arrange a tour suitable for their needs, always complying with the necessary hygiene measures.

Hotels are getting ready to open their doors and welcome their guests, taking all precautionary actions.

And then again, as Greece is a summer hotspot, all workers in tourism are impatiently waiting its restart.

But, is Greece really ready to welcome tourists? And if so, when and how?


According to the latest announcements of the Minister of tourism in Greece, Mr. Harry Theocharis, it seems that you will be able to enter the country as of May 14th 2021. The date is not yet confirmed, but Greek Government is determined to welcome foreign guests this summer.

So, here is what you need to know before flying in Greece:

  • Each person travelling to Greece, should either be vaccinated for COVID – 19 or hold a negative PCR test 72 hours prior their arrival in Greece
  • They should fill the Passenger Locator form (PLF) as found here
  • No quarantine or self-isolation will be required (not yet announced)
  • In case of COVID symptoms, Greek Government will cover the expenses related to hospitalization

All travelers must comply with all of the necessary preventive hygiene measures (use of masks and physical/social distancing) according to local guidance.*

Cruises as well announced the beginning of sailing as of May 29th.

Something more you need to know is, that so far restaurants, bars and clubs in Greece are closed. According to the Prime Minister’s announcements, all shops will be open in the beginning of May. We still do not know how they will operate, but the most possible scenario is that they will be able to serve outdoors.

We believe that it’s a great idea to enjoy your coffee or lunch, along with the sun rays.

Taking the above into consideration, we think it’s about time to start planning your vacation, because… All you want is Greece!