Religious tours and cruises in Greece

Religious tours and cruises, in Greece

All about religious tours, excursions, holidays, trips, accommodation and more for Christian or/and Catholic pilgrimages from our travel agency “Boutros”.

Christian Tours in Greece

Christian tours in Greece and Greek islands is a unique religious travel experience as you may have the opportunity to explore the Christian roots, ruins, culture and traditions and  also to see many other interesting archaeological and historical sites as well. 

The most popular destinations for a Christian tours and routes in Greece that are being organized by our religious tours experts are:

  • Day or multiday Christian tour programs in Athens and Attica
  • Tailor made Christian tour in Ancient Corinth,
  • Custom Christian travel in Greece mainland and visit Meteora monasteries, Kalambaka, “Vima of Apostle Paul” in Veria, Thessaloniki, Kavala and Philippi.
  • Christian cruises and shore excursions in Greece and Greek islands such as in Santorini, Mykonos, Patmos, Ephesus (Turkey), etc.

Christian Cruises in Greece and Greek islands

Christian cruises and shore excursions in Greece and Greek islands are offered from our travel agency in private or shared, daily or multiday programs, in affordable prices in various types of sailing or cruising boats or even more with a branded cruise ship or by the domestic ship lines occasionally, depending always on your requirements. 

The most popular destinations for Christian cruises in Greece and Greek islands that are being organized from our religious tours’ experts are:

  • Christian cruise, shore excursions and tour in Santorini island in Cyclades Greece with its hundreds of Christian monasteries, furthermore in Mykonos and many other Greek islands.
  • Christian cruise in Patmos Island which is maybe the most popular Christian themed island in the world
  • Christian cruise and tour in Crete island with the so many different Christian aspects and local culture.

Catholic pilgrimages

Catholic pilgrimages in Greece and Greek islands are very popular as the faithful may have the opportunity to explore and admire the small minority of rare Roman and catholic churches, shrines and places of interest in Athens, Greece mainland and Greek Islands and also to know more about local orthodox culture and sites of interest. 

The most popular destinations and hot spots in Greece and Greek islands for the Catholic pilgrimages to visit are:

  • Athens (Catholic churches)
  • Patra (The Basilica of St. Andrew)
  • Syros
  • Tinos
  • Mykonos
  • Santorini
  • Patmos (The cave of Saint John)

Steps of St. Paul in Greece

Steps of St. Paul in Greece are very popular as a journey route or holiday package because by following those steps of Saint Paul from Historical Athens to Ancient Corinth and its famous canal, then the faithful can feel the serenity of their soul and explore the power of the Christianity in their hearts and lifestyle, furthermore; it is a Christian tour and travel experience that guide you to meet the civilizations of Ancient Greece, Western Europe, Byzantine Era and more in a so small in distances area…

The Steps of St. Paul in Greece is a tailor made Christian travel program that starting from Athens historical center and by getting guided (in English or in your local language upon request) via many local points of interest you will reach the Corinth Canal and then the Ancient Corinth exactly as Saint Paul did during his stay in Greece

All our pilgrimages Tours and Christian travelers in Greece will be guided by special knowledgeable Christian tour guides