Terms and conditions of participation

The company Boutros Tours LTD, based in Athens, Anthimou Gazi 9, (hereinafter the “Organizer”), organizes a promotional competition for three (3) free nights with breakfast at the Aegean Plaza 4 * hotel in Santorini (hereinafter ” Competition “), which will be conducted through the page of boutrostours.com, on Facebook.

The purpose of these detailed terms (hereinafter the “Terms”) is to determine the mechanism, the terms of participation and the nomination of winners in the Competition through the draw.

1.2. Participation right

Eligible to participate in the Competition are those who have completed the 18th year of age. Excluded from the Competition are the incapable persons, the employees and the representatives of the companies of the Organizing Group as well as their relatives of first and second degree, their spouses or anyone professionally related to the said Competition. Only one entry per unique Facebook User is allowed, with the corresponding Facebook ID.

The organizer reserves the right to unilaterally modify these terms at its sole discretion, to extend, reduce or even cancel the Contest / Draw, to revoke or change the prizes / prizes, for any reason and at any time, with relevant publication-post on its Website. Any change will be binding on each participant.

The organizer does not assume, nor does it bear any responsibility due to the above modifications and the contestants therefore do not acquire any right to compensation, nor do they have any other claim from the company.

The organizer primarily takes care to make the use of its systems secure and to provide through them accurate, complete, valid, reliable and up-to-date information and content. However, in any case, the participants in the Competition / Draw, accept and agree that they must evaluate the content of the terms of participation and are solely responsible for their actions, which concern their participation in the Competition / Draw, based on the correctness, completeness and validity and honesty.

During the process of participation in the Competition / Draw and the use of the services provided, the participant is required to carefully read, understand and unconditionally accept these terms, as a condition for the evolution of the process of access and receipt of the services provided.

In the event that for any reason, the participating user does not accept one or more of these terms, he must abstain from the Contest / Draw, otherwise it is presumed that the terms continue to be unconditionally accepted by the specific user.

It is emphasized that refusal to accept any of the present terms leads to inability to provide the Gift / Prize.

1.2 Duration of the Competition

The duration of the promotion will be eleven (-11-) weeks. The competition will start on Tuesday, June 15 and will end on Monday, August 30 at 23:59 (last day: Monday, August 30).

It is explicitly clarified that, after the expiration of the above date and time of expiration, no participation will be accepted and will not bind the Organizer in terms of the participation deadline. Any entries submitted after the above date and time of expiration are automatically considered invalid and do not lead to any result, nor do they bind the Organizer and / or any third party.

1.3 Procedure for Participation in the Competition / Draw

The process is simple:

  1. Select the Vote For Us icon and go to the World Travel Awards page.
  2. Select the company Boutros Tours and click submit
  3. Then enter your name and email
  4. In your email you will receive a message to verify your account in which you have to click accept
  5. You return to the contest page and fill in your details
  6. Enter the draw for the big Prize !!!

1.4. Explicit Declaration / Consent / Acceptance of Participants

All Participants in the Competition fully accept and without any reservation the present Terms. If any Participant does not accept these terms, he can not participate in the Competition. Also all Participants acknowledge, declare and accept explicitly and unreservedly that:

(1) are adults aged eighteen or more (18) years;

(2) their personality, health and / or physical integrity is not harmed or harmed in any way by their participation in the Competition;

(3) by participating in the Competition do not infringe personal data, the right of personality or intellectual or industrial property rights, trade secrets or other property rights of any third party,

(4) Each participant in the Competition / Lottery expressly and unconditionally guarantees that he / she will provide true, accurate, up-to-date and complete information, which is requested during his / her registration (“Registration Data”), as well as the consent of participation in the Competition / Draw.

(5) In addition, it undertakes to maintain and update the Registration Data in a timely manner, so that they are true, accurate, up-to-date and complete during the duration of the Competition. It is pointed out that the disclosure of incorrect, inaccurate and / or false contact information may lead to failure and / or refusal to provide the Gift and / or exclusion of the specific participant from the Competition.

(6) The data to be collected will include the above mentioned under condition 4. Without prejudice to other specific designations, it is not mandatory to provide any additional information, which is not necessary or reasonable to be requested in the Competition.

(7) Any illegal action of the contestant / user will result in his exclusion from the Contest / Draw and the Prize.

(8) The participant in the Competition / Lottery must participate in the Competition according to the law and following the listed terms of use.

(9) Any contestant / user of the website found to be violating, or there are suspicions that he is attempting to violate the network, system or program of the Website (hacker), is immediately excluded from participating in the Contest / Draw and the organizing Company reserves the right to appeal to the competent authorities.


1.5. Draw

 The Draw for the promotion of the lucky winner and the runners-up will take place on 15/07/2021 at 12.00 via random.org. It is pointed out once again that those who have been registered in the database of the Competition until 14/07/2021 will participate in the Lottery.

– One (1) lucky winner and three (3) runners-up will emerge from the Draw. The name of the lucky winner will be announced through the corporate online media from where all interested parties will be able to be informed, with the relevant consent of the winner, based on the current General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR), which regulates the processing an individual, company or organization of personal data relating to persons in the EU.


1.6 Prize / Prize of the Competition.

  • The prize of the Competition is: The Free Accommodation of three (3) nights, for two people, in a double room with view and breakfast at the hotel Aegean Plaza Hotel – Santorini. The accommodation is valid and can be materealized until October 31, 2021, upon availability of the hotel outside August.
  • Name change is not allowed. However, the lucky winner reserves the right to be accompanied by a second person of his choice, whose name can be changed up to fifteen days before entering the hotel.
  • The gift can not be transferred or changed.
  • The gift that will be delivered according to these terms is provided in the condition in which it has and is, excluding the application of the provisions on seller liability or other provisions that establish liability for real defects, agreed properties, etc., towards the organizer. Also, the organizer is not liable, criminal or civil, to any winner or third party, for any accident that occurred and / or damage and / or physical or material damage caused to him, directly or indirectly related to the Gift or for any other causes.

1.7 Gift Receipt.

  • Immediately after the completion of the draw and the nomination of the lucky winner, a representative of the organizer will contact the winner directly by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address, from which we will have received the certificate of participation in the Contest or by calling the phone number that if and when he has stated.
  • During the above communication, the lucky winner will be asked to confirm his full details (name, home address, ID number, etc.), so that the identity can be verified upon delivery of the Prize, with his consent, according to with the legally provided by the General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) (26/02/2018). Upon receipt of the Prize, the lucky winner must present a police ID or passport in order to prove his / her identity.
  • After the lapse of seven (7) working days from the day of notification of the lucky winner, and in case of non-communication and non-declaration of acceptance of the Prize or non-claim for any reason or refusal to accept the Prize or cancellation of his participation for any reason, The Prize is fired for the winner and this will be received by the first in the order of the draw, after direct contact with him, either by phone at the contact phone number he has declared, or by sending an e-mail to e-mail addresses to be declared.
  • The winner assumes sole responsibility and timely planning for the settlement of the above withdrawal details of the Prize. The Organizer reserves the right to dispose at its discretion the Prize, which was not sought and / or not received in time by the winner and / or runners-up, in accordance with the above procedures and conditions, in which case it is released from any obligation to the corresponding winner.

1.8. Exclusion of Competitors

  • The Organizer may – but is not obliged – to exclude from the Competition, at any stage of its conduct, any Participant who in its opinion is likely to have used (or attempted to use) unfair means in connection with its participation or has violates (or has attempted to violate) any of these terms. Unfair means means, indicatively and not restrictively, the use of devices, media, computers and / or software to facilitate automated or multiple participations without human intervention, interception, etc.
  • In addition, entries with content that offends public decency and good morals or presents ambiguities or other technical defects will not be accepted. Also, entries will be canceled with content that is insulting, vulgar, defamatory, dangerous, racist, that insults human dignity or in general contradicts the existing provisions or in any other way indecent at the absolute discretion of the Organizer.

The Winner can be canceled at any stage for the following reasons:

– (a) in the event that, it does not meet the conditions of any of the Terms, which are all considered essential.

– (b) in the event that for any reason it is not possible to contact the Winner within the predetermined deadlines set out in these terms or for reasons relating to his person.

1.9. Limitation of contractual liability.

The Organizer and any affiliated companies, its employees and executives are not liable, to the extent that the exclusion of liability is allowed by the prefecture, for any direct, indirect, moral or other damage arising from or related to the realization of the specific Competition / Lottery.

1.10. Competition Completion.

After the completion of the Competition as well as the offer of the Gift according to the above, any obligation of the Organizer ceases to exist. The organizer does not submit, nor does it undertake any other obligation towards the participants

1.11. Privacy

The organizer informs that the personal data, sent by the participants / users of the website, will collect, process and save it in digital form for a period of one (1) year and then will delete this data. The data and the processing of the Personal Data are requested and are obligatory for the participation in the Competition / Draw.

The editing will be done only by the Organizer and exclusively for the purpose mentioned in the text of this. The Organizer reserves the right to use the information disclosed to it in such a way that it is not possible to identify or reveal the person, which it concerns, for statistical, research or advertising purposes, disclosing it to third parties, e.g. research companies responsible for completing the above objectives.

Participants / users may exercise, as the case may be, the right of access, correction and deletion of Personal Data, as well as the right of their portability, to be transferred to another Responsible or Executor, by sending a relevant letter to the Company Boutros Tours, 9 Anthimou , TK 10561 Athens or via e-mail at info@boutrostours.com. Important Note: In case of exercise of one of the above mentioned rights, Boutros Tours Company will take every possible measure to satisfy the request within thirty (30) calendar days from its receipt, informing the interested party in writing, of the satisfaction of his request. , or the reasons that prevent the exercise on its part, or the satisfaction of one or more of the above mentioned rights in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 679/2016). 13. Acceptance of terms – jurisdiction – applicable law

  • – Participation in the Competition / Draw presupposes and implies the unconditional acceptance of all the present terms, even if they are modified in the future, as defined above.
  • The relations between participants / users and Boutros Tours are governed by and construed in accordance with Greek Law, and the Courts of Athens are solely responsible for resolving any dispute.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email info@boutrostours.com