Dragon Lake hike

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  • Greece
  • Full Day
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  • Mount Tymphi,Mikro Papigko,Dragon Lake,Smolikas mountain,Aoos Valley
  • Lunch
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Dragon Lake hike

A fascinating hike to the alpine lake of the imposing Mount Tymphi!

Hiking to the alpine Dragon lake of Mount Tymphi is one of the most impressive attractions of Zagori. Our 1 day Dragon Lake Hike starts in the village of Mikro Papigkowhich is tucked away in the midst of a lush forest. As we pass through the beautiful forest, we have the imposing rock formations, known as the “Towers of Astraka” in full view! Continuing on our path, we reach Astraka’s mountain hut. The hut  is located at an altitude of 1.950 meters. A nice break and nutritious lunch is in order! After recharging our batteries, we set off  to reach the legendary Dragon Lake. The stunning alpine lake called by locals dragon lake(drakolimni in Greek), is believed to be a remnant of the Ice Age.

This harsh environment of limited nutrients, wide variations in sunlight during the summer and the winter months and acute fluctuations in temperature have turned the Dragon lake of Mt Tymphi into a truly unique ecosystem. Their waters are home to the Alpine Newt, a striking amphibian that has been around for thousands of years. It is approximately 10-12 cm long with an impressive orange-red color in the lower part of its body. And truly resembles a small dragon!From here we take in the breathtaking views! To the north is the Smolikas mountain range and the Aoos Valleyand to the east the impressive  Mount Gamilla. Then we head back to the village of Mikro Papigo following the same route.

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