Milos & Kimolos Island

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Milos & Kimolos Island


The volcanic activity in ancient years has endowed Milos island with an exciting variety of gorgeous landscapes, consequently offering the visitor a wide range of activities. The funny shapes of the rocks and their wonderful colours at the beautiful white sandy beaches are one expression of the volcanic features of Milos; the economic activity is another: minerals such as obsidian are excavated here. What is more, one of the most ancient mines in the Mediterranean is on this island.
Must visit: As many beaches as you can! The white rocky landscape that embraces Sarakíniko forms an once-in-a-lifetime encountered lunar landscape while on Kléftiko, which can be reached only by boat, you can dive in secluded rocky caves with crystal clear waters. Add the wild beauty of Alogomántra, the open cave of Papáfragkas, the sheltered Ahivadolímni- the biggest beach on the island where also the island’s camping site is situated- and the beaches of Fyripláka, Yérakas and Tsigrádos adorned with grayish-red rocks.


This tiny and extremely beautiful island lies in the western part of the Cyclades, close to Milos island. Possessing a volcanic soil and a unique variety of minerals, it is famous for its fantastic beaches, ranging from thin sand to pebbles.
The capital of the island is made up of two quarters, Méssa and Éxo Kástro (meaning interior and exterior part of the castle). Méssa Kástro is a typical Cycladic village, with its houses forming the external wall of the castle. Éxo Kástro was built in the 17th century around Mésa Kástro to add plain square shapes to the domes and arches of Méssa Kástro’s architecture. Trails take you and the locals to every part of the island. A marvellous ecosystem awaits you, where myrtle and fig trees, lentisks, reeds, vines and blue lizards prevail.

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Day 1: Milos

Embarkation: 30 minutes prior departure.
A full day boat trip around the coastline of Milos gives you the opportunity to explore this colorful island’s numerous geological forms.
The dominating rock formations of Vani and the vast open cave of Sikia are our first destinations when we leave Adamas, followed by a swimming stop for approximately 1 hour at Kleftiko. Sailing on to Geronta, Provata, Firiplaka and Tsigrado we then make our next swimming stop at Kalamo (for around 40 minutes).

  • Milos, Greece

Day 1: Kimolos

Following this refreshing break the kaiki will sail on to Agia Kiriaki and Paleochori, where you will have the opportunity to visit some old sulphur mines. We then stop for lunch at the nearby island of Kimolos, where you will also have free time to visit Chora and take another swim before we head back to Milos (1.5 hours lunch stop)
Returning to Milos we continue to Pollonia, Kaloghiro and Glaronisia, which are famous for their prismatic rocks, and continue on to the lunar landscapes of Sarakiniko, Firopotamos or Plathiena beaches, where we make our final short swimming stop (20 minutes).
Our route back to Adamas takes us alongside the Arkoudes (Bear Rocks) and finally the small fishing village of Klima with its colorful waterfront houses, before we sail back into port at the end of our full day’s exploration
Tour starts at 09:00 and ends at approx 18:30.

  • Kimolos, Greece