River Trekking Neda

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  • Greece
  • 4 hours
  • 0 Review
  • hike among the narrow cliffs of the gorge, explore underwater caves ,swim in the blue lagoon and under the waterfalls of Neda
  • Snack
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River Trekking Neda


River Trekking Neda is a guided day tour, out and around the only river in Greece with a female name

Upon arrival to our designated meeting point, your guides will greet and give you your safety equipment. During the hike you will  pass through stone bridges, narrow cliffs, underwater caves and impressive waterfalls. You will be walking along the riverbanks and inside the river. At some narrower parts you will also need to swim to pass through. The hike ends in a paradisaical scenery, a magnificent waterfall creating natural river pools where we can swim completing our extraordinary experience. After such an exciting time we will enjoy a Greek homemade picnic with savory local products.  Transfer  back to your cars where we say good bye full of great memories and scenery.


  • Neda Waterfalls, Phigalia, Greece

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